1. Children are not left alone in the playground without the presence of an adult. At the play center, parents or other accompanying persons are responsible for the children.

2. Outerwear and footwear should be left in the wardrobe.

3. Stroller may be placed in the wardrobe at the entrance. Only a softbed without wheels can be brought into the play area.

4. For hygienic reasons, both adults and children in the playground should be kept in socks only. The only shoes allowed are dancing slippers. Barefoot is not allowed, even in summer!

5. It is forbidden to bring your own food and drink unless a party room is booked. Exception - food for children under 2 years. 

6. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and be under the influence of alcohol. The administrator has the right to call the municipal police if the ban is not respected.

7. Baby care and replacement of the diapers are carried out in a designated area, the 'Mothers Room'. It is forbidden to change the diapers and leave them in the center. 

8. Carefully read the instructions for use and age restrictions for each Playground attraction. 

9. The responsible adult shall be responsible for the safety of the child or group of children brought. 

10. The responsible adult shall ensure that the child or group of children brought in is not injured during the visit to the center.

11. The responsible adult shall notify the administrator of any damage to the playground or its property.

12. The responsible adult does not allow the child or group of children to behave aggressively towards other visitors in the center. 

13. Please follow the generally accepted rules for using the public toilet - flushing water, using a brush, flushing the toilet etc., and requesting that the children brought in leave the toilet properly and, if necessary, cleaned. Please inform the administrator of clutter in the toilet. 

14. The playground shall not be liable for any accidents that may occur to visitors, except those caused by damage to the equipment of the Center. All custom-made attractions comply with European standards EN1176-1, EN 1176-7, EN957-1. 

15. The Center is not liable for lost or stolen property. Lost or forgotten items found at the playground are stored for 4 weeks from the time they are found, then donated to charity.

If any visitor fails to comply with the Center 's internal rules, obstructs other visitors, or behaves aggressively, rude or abusive towards other visitors or staff, the administrator is entitled to prohibit such persons from being in the center without reimbursement of the entrance fee.

In case of non-compliance, the administrator has the right to call the security guard..

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