Children's parties are a vivid and memorable event.
let's make it together!

We offer:

Catering companies that will cater the festive table

Our catering partners will ensure healthy and beautifully prepared meals.

Decorations in any theme

Our team will take care of beautifully decorated rooms in any theme children wants.

Attractive animators

Our attractive animators who can act into every child's favorite superhero, will make the celebration even more interesting and unforgettable.

Party rooms

In the autumn and winter season we recommend to book party room in advance.

Rezervāciju ballītēm varat pieteikt zvanot pa Tel. Nr. +371 27730899 vai rakstot uz

0 pers.
Room capacity in Sigulda

We offer two party rooms for up to 25 persons. In Sigulda center is available at certain times for rent of the whole center for private events with large number of guests. 

0 pers.
Room capacity in Valmiera

Center in Valmiera provides a great advantage of combining both rooms into one, increasing the number of guests up to 50 persons.

Catering partners in Valmiera

Valmieras centra telpās pieejami ēdināšanas pakalpojumi un kafejnīcas telpas Meža Cafe!


Payments for parties

It is mandatory to make a deposit of 50% of the total amount 10 days prior to the party, either at the center or by bank transfer.

Centers accept cash and credit card payments. 

Due to unplanned circumstances such as: due to the child's illness it is possible to reschedule the party.

If the payment for the child's party is made by bank transfer, the purpose of the payment must include the date and time of the party, the name of the child and the center (Sigulda or Valmiera).

Bank details:

SIA “SM amusements”
Reg. No. 44103117695
Ainažu iela 6,Valmiera
Swedbanka AS, HABALV22



We look forward hearing from you!

+371 27730899

SIA “SM amusements”
Reģ.Nr. 44103117695, Ainažu iela 6, Valmiera

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